Why we love Dea Kudibal

Written by Kat Aalam


Posted on September 26 2019

“Here we go round the mulberry bush” - the best silk dresses and tops around aka why we all love Dea Kudibal”

When it comes fabrics that make you look and feel like a million dollars, it doesn’t get much better than silk. The way it drapes and flatters the female form, the way it feels against the body and the way its subtle sheen adds a glow to the skin are truly magical. And yet not all silks are created equally and anyone who has felt high street silk can attest to that. Whilst we are by no means fabric experts, we have learnt a thing or two over our years in retail and one thing we can confirm is that compared to Habotai or wild silk, mulberry silk is by far the most superior silk we have ever had the pleasure to adorn our bodies with.

For any fabric geeks out there, this article makes for very interesting reading


The main thing you really need to know is “Products made from 100% Mulberry silk are among the most durable and produce the most luxurious silk goods.” (Ref above article)

Dea Kudibal, the Danish designer and creative director of her eponymous label, knows all about the superior quality of mulberry silk and has created a clothing line of feminine and flattering pieces that women want to wear. But what makes this collection even more special is the signature stretch silk that Dea has developed – almost every piece is made from mulberry silk that has been blended with a tiny amount of elastane to create a luxurious yet durable fabric that is also washable. Yes, that’s right, NO DRY CLEANING BILLS.

We have been selling this incredible label for over 5 years now and thanks to a commitment to quality, luxury and a genuine understanding of how women want to feel and what they want in their wardrobes (Dea is a working mother, over the age of 40) we have built quite the loyal fanbase. While the prices are not cheap by any means – tops start at £195 and dresses at £250 these are pieces you will have in your wardrobe forever. The fact that they are crafted from such exquisite silk that is breathable and has that oh-so important stretch, means you can wear it all day (and all night!) without feeling at all restricted; you’ll certainly get your money’s worth.

Every piece in the collection has been so well thought out to be beautiful and stylish but also to be practical. We know that’s not the sexiest word in the fashion world but when it comes to busy women, parting with their cash, it’s an important one. Tops have sleeve, aren’t cut too low in the bust, are long enough to be worn out but can also fine enough be tucked in without creating bulk Dresses also have sleeves and are knee length, the colour palette is elegant, and the unique prints, which this label is really know for, are elegant, flattering, edgy and feminine.

When we first started selling Kudibal, back in 2015, we were drawn to the print blouses and tops in luxurious stretch silk, that felt beautiful against the skin and were cut to flatter and empower the female form. We quickly found that our customers (working women, part-time and stay at home mums, women of different ages, shapes and sizes) also loved this label as much as we did. We never even had to show it to people – the pieces just sold themselves. It then gave us the confidence to buy more and more for the store. As the label itself has grown and developed, so too has our customers commitment to it. What started for us as a mainly tops label, has now grown into our go-to collection for pieces with a dressy edge and we now have a comprehensive collection of dresses, skirts, trousers and jackets alongside the classic tops.

At the recent Drapers Awards, where we were nominated for Independent Retailer of the Year, Kat chose to wear a Dea Kudibal black and white print trouser suit from the AW18 collection, and she was asked umpteen times who it was by.

Dea Kudibal stretch silk trouser suit worn by Kat from Damsel at the Drapers Indepedents Awards


Kat wanted to feel comfortable but also cool, calm and collected so this label was the obvious choice. Even in a room filled with fashion savvy industry people, it still gained so much attention and yet is still, thankfully, under the radar. There is nothing more off putting that going to an event and seeing someone in the same outfit as yours and with the rise and rise of online selling and the ubiquity of certain go-to brands for event season, we and our customers love that this is still such a niche and exclusive label.

As a lover of prints, you can always rely on Dea Kudibal to feature stand out prints that are unique and eye catching but also effortless and contemporary. Alongside sexy and slinky animal prints –we adore this season’s giraffe print pussy bow dress for an update on a classic leopard -

Kudibal giraffe print silk dress is available from Damsel in Chiswick



are pieces with a retro 60s and 70s vibe, beaded and embroidered vintage inspired designs (this season there is a stand out blouse with delicate glittery feathers, worn by Oz below)

Chiffon print shirt from Dea Kudibal with glittery winged design         

and also prints that nod to Dea’s love of ethnic culture. Basically there is a print for everyone. A school mum friend of Oz’s who proclaimed to never wear print, was so captivated by a blue and gold paisley print blouse, that when she tried it and saw how stunning it looked her, couldn’t be without it!

But as much as the prints are a part of the label’s DNA, everyone who loves Kudibal has also found a need for the fit and feel of the silk pieces but in solid shades – not only for those who print-averse but also to be worn with the silk print suits and maxi skirts the label are now excelling at.

One of the highlight pieces for us this season has to the below midi-length shirt dress in a colour that can best be described as port-soaked cranberry. Pink-y, red-y, burgundy, plum, this long sleeved, button down, solid coloured stretch silk shirt dress will take you from drop off to desk to dinner and dance floor. What makes a dress like this so versatile and helps to get the all important cost-per-wear from it, is that you can wear it with trainers and a leather jacket, knee high boots and a chunky cardigan, killer heels and jewels or cute little ankle boots. And the benefit of a dress in a solid colour over a print, is that you can change it up so much, it doesn’t become obviously when you re-wear and re-wear it.

Dea Kudibal red belted shirt dress in stretch silk  

Which is a matter close to our hearts. Yes we are in the business of selling clothes, new clothes, every season, but as we ourselves have always been more modern classic in style than high fashion, we have pieces from many seasons ago that are still current and relevant today. We have always been mindful of cost-per-wear and as this label definitely comes at a price, we all need to be prudent, now, more than ever, that the pieces we invest in, can and will be worn time after time after time. We hope that the days of fast fashion are coming to an end. As the grandmother of one of our former team members used to say, “The best is the cheapest in the end” so we always say buy the best you can afford and with care, it will last you.

As we are fortunate enough to have been in business for nearly 14 years, we get to see and hear what our customers have loved and lived in and we are so delighted when we see pieces from years ago that are still being worn and adored. While we know it ourselves, it still gives us such joy when we see this happening in real time, from our customers. And there are customers who come back season after season after season to invest in a piece of Dea Kudibal because they know from experience that they are giving their wardrobe something that is sophisticated, timeless, and feminine.