Jump for joy it’s our jumpsuits edit – plus 5 of the best in store now

Written by James Robinson


Posted on October 12 2019

Jumpsuits, playsuits, dungarees, boiler suits, short-alls… call them what you will, if it’s an all in one, then we are all over it.

In theory, the jumpsuit (we’ll use this term as a generic all in one) is a one-stop-shop to easy and effortless dressing. The sartorial option for busy women everywhere, it’s the cooler and edgier sister to the dress yet has the same appeal in that you can throw it on and go. By mixing up your layers, jewellery and footwear, you’ve got a piece from which you will gain many fashion miles.

Being such an easy item to wear, women the world over should be striding around in jumpsuits, all day and night long, having rolled out of bed and straight into one and yet the jumpsuit is far from ubiquitous on a street level. Why? Because as any scientist will tell you, what is theoretically possible, doesn’t always translate into reality.

Anyone who has ever tried – and failed – to get a jumpsuit knows that when it is wrong, it is VERY wrong. Oh the pitfalls that can befall the wearer of the wrong jumpsuit. Too long in the body results in excess fabric bulking up the top half; too short in the body and it’s the dreaded camel’s toe; too stiff a fabric renders the wearer immovable; too clingy and every lump and bump is on display. Add into the mix sleeve/strap types, leg length/width, not to mention fastening options (for the all-important toilet access) it’s enough to send you reaching for the safety of your little black dress and never looking back.

And yet when its right, clothing doesn’t get much easier, effortless or perfect than this. Tuxedo jumpsuits for black tie dos, elegant jumpsuits for formal events, floral playsuits for holidays, tailored boilersuits for the office, hell even a white silk jumpsuit in lieu of a wedding dress; just like Goldilock’s pursuit of chairs, beds and porridge, when choosing jumpsuits for the store, they have to be just right.

We have tried many jumpsuits, or versions of, in our time because we know that when executed correctly, nothing beats it. Neither of us have model proportions and like all women, we have issues with our shapes that can make jumpsuit wearing tricky – Oz has a very short body and Kat is top heavy, so when we find a jumpsuit that works on both of us, you can be damn sure it’s good one. We try every piece we can squeeze into so if the fit isn’t good, we won’t buy it.

Labels that we can turn to time and again for a tried and tested fit include Des Petits Hauts, Rails, Suncoo and Bailey and Buetow, alongside denim labels J Brand, Paige and Current Elliott. With all of these designers, the fabric, fit and proportions never let us or our customers down. And our customers are always at the forefront of our minds when doing our buying. Yes it might be something one or both of us love (a jumpsuit with a fuchsia pink top half and red trousers on the bottom springs to mind) but if we can’t try it, or imagine customers in it, we won’t get it for the store.

This season we have seen some excellent options from labels Stella Forest and Idano, and new label Just Female, all of whom have absolutely nailed this most tricky of fashion pieces. Here are 5 of our favourite jumpsuits that are instore now.

  1. The Black Tie Jumpsuit

Got a black tie do or need something tailored, chic and elegant? This black tuxedo style with silky shirt top and sleek tapered trousers is the hottest option for a dressy jumpsuit. This has worked on a petite blonde (who actually bought it for a funeral) and a statuesque stunner who can’t have been much less than 6ft. This particular piece has proved that when the cut is right, it really will work on all heights.

Suncoo tuxedo jumpsuit from Damsel in West London

  1. The Everyday Boilersuit

In khaki green or black, the Idano boiler suit is cut with a relaxed fit all the way through the body and the legs, but has a semi-elasticated waist band to give definition and shape. Button down, with a collar and full length sleeves, we love this as much with trainers and a slouchy cardigan as we do with Cuban heeled boots and statement belt. There is excellent cost-per-wear from this guy.


  1. The Elegant Dungarees

Think elegant dungarees is an oxymoron? Let us introduce to Paige who has nailed this aesthetic. Perhaps it’s because she calls them overalls – although we’re not sure that should make a difference! This season we have the incredible black Atley overall which has a cropped kick-flare leg, a sexy v-neck front bib and cross over back straps. As with all things Paige the fit and fabric are impeccable – she has cleverly put a bib on the top of her best-selling high rise kick-flare Atley jeans. Both of us have ordered ourselves a pair – which is very unusual as we have quite different tastes and rarely want the same things but these were so irresistible. Plus they’re so easy to make your own - Kat will most likely wear in her inimitable scruffy-chic way while Oz will be sure to dress and sexy them up! Here is our window dresser, Charlotte, styling them over a stripe tee.

Paige atley dungarees from Damsel in Chiswick


  1. The Desk-to-Dinner Jumpsuit

We’ve never had a jumpsuit from boho French label Stella Forest but when we saw this “is it camo or is it leopard print” tromp d’oeil jumpsuit and then tried it on for fit, we were sold. What looks like a print shirt tucked into a pair of smart black trousers, is in fact an all in one, so for anyone who is resistant to corporate uniform or dressing up in general, this is a chic but subversive option. It’ll be sure to take you seamlessly from desk to dinner to dancefloor (we have it in a slightly different colour).

Stella Forest jumpsuit


  1. Party Jumpsuit

Got a do to go to but aren’t the frilly, sparkly, fitted dress type? Meet the party jumpsuit. Dressy enough for cocktails and heels but with added edge, Kat is queen of the party jumpsuit. Partly because she finds it hard to find dresses that suit her but also because she prefers a more laid back and casual vibe, this is a fabulous option for anyone who feels like this. But even if you’re just bored with dresses and want to mix it up. The Bailey and Buetow indigo and black printed “leopard” print jumpsuit is a perfect example of this. With metallic heels and a statement lipstick, this flattering and cool jumpsuit will see you through weddings, parties and the Christmas period but can be dressed down with white trainers and a jumper, so as to appear as a pair a printed trousers.


So there you have it, from two all-in-one lovers, here is our edit of some of the best styles around for all these occasions, and all in one place. If you’ve ever fancied the idea of a jumpsuit but have kissed many frogs, it’s time to give the joy a jumpsuit can bring another chance and hopefully we’ll help you find your prince.